Top 10 Home Design Ideas for 2019 DİY

Someone will certainly look at this collection of ideas and say that it is easier to buy new furniture or decor.

But this article is not for them, but only for true connoisseurs of unique style and handmade products.

Here you will find the 10 most beautiful interior items that you can do for the house with your own hands without spending extra money.

The best crafts for the house do it yourself from scrap materials for 2018!

1. Decoupage and other do-it-yourself furniture repair ideas

Restoration of old dressers and cupboards is perhaps one of the main trends of our time.

Many pieces of furniture over time fail: the tables and chairs have loosened cases, upholstered furniture is pressed through and requires a new “filling”.

But dressers and cupboards can stand for themselves for many years and annoy you with their outdated look.

Home craftsmen and masters of decoupage not only found a way to update the design of old furniture, but also erected the fashion for the use of vintage “grandmother’s” dressers in the interior.

Detailed instructions on painting and decoupage can be found in our article Ideas for the restoration of Soviet furniture with your own hands.

Below are a few photos of amazing home projects that will inspire you.

Decoupage and other do-it-yourself furniture repair ideas

10 most beautiful interior items

Restoration of the old dresser with the replacement of handles and hand-painted:

Painting and finishing old cabinets with metal buttons:


As a result, the furniture acquired the original effect of the decor in the Moroccan style. Simply, as all ingenious:

the furniture
the furniture

By the way, this way you can create more sophisticated things for your home:

Decoupage and painting amazingly transform the old furniture facades, but not everyone has enough time and patience for this painstaking work.

Therefore, the best ideas for a house with your own hands will also include the alteration of furniture with adhesive tape in marble, gold and other unusual coatings.

A minimum of effort – and the most mediocre piece of furniture will turn into the main decoration of your interior.

2. Beautiful homemade things for yourself: carpets

Perhaps the most pleasant thing in creating things for the house with your own hands is when someone from the guests asks: where did you acquire such beauty?

A stylish rug with a zebra print (or other motif of your choice) will certainly deserve such a compliment. And more than once.


Next you have to wonder how simple it can be done with your own hands.

The fabric can be any. The main thing that she was not too demanding to care: not afraid of moisture and easy to clean. In this case, the master chose vinyl fabric. It is heavy enough and durable to look like a true carpet. Moreover, the quality of vinyl today is very impressive and it is available in a wide selection of colors and interesting textures.

All necessary materials and tools:

  • Thick paper;
  • Upholstery vinyl;
  • Scissors;
  • 2 Krylon pens or regular fabric paint.


  1. Create a stencil of paper. Draw and cut the outline of the zebra skin, then the drawing itself on it. You should not worry about your artistic talent – zebra skin and should not look uniform or symmetrical. In extreme cases, the pattern can be copied from the image on the Internet or even printed to cut.
  2. Fix the stencil on the vinyl fabric and cut the outlines of the strips with Krylon pens (apply paint with an aerosol or a brush). After this, the stencil can be removed and continue to paint the areas inside the contours.
  3. Let the paint dry and ready! To make sure that the pattern will hold, you can “seal” the carpet by spraying a clear coat of acrylic spray paint on it.

Krylon pens create a stunning gold leaf effect on the surface of the fabric. In addition, the paint in them dries quickly and holds very securely.

If you cannot buy them in your city, then use ordinary paint for fabrics or walls. Like the next hero of our article.

He took the cheap white rug as a basis and decided to give it an interesting look with his own hands using a chevron pattern.

All he needed was a thin sticky tape, scissors, a thick brush and latex paint of two different shades.

Finally, another inspiring example in which an improvised stamp is used instead of a stencil.

The master had a rubber bath mat, remnants of wall paint (to achieve a vintage effect, it was slightly diluted with water), a roller and an old IKEA wool carpet.

We look at the photo that he managed to cook from these ingredients.

3. Unusual “marble” crafts with own hands (photo)

What you need:

  • Object for painting (any dishes, flower pots and other hard, slightly absorbent objects);
  • At least 2 nail polishes of any shades of your choice;
  • Clear nail polish or smart enamel;
  • Disposable plastic or other container;
  • Nail polish remover;
  • Thin adhesive tape;
  • Toothpicks.

How  To Do

  • With adhesive tape we limit the area to be painted.
  • Pour water into a disposable container. Open all the bubbles of nail polish, except transparent, and begin to drip varnish from the brush into the water, one color at a time. A layer of each next color should be applied over the previous one.
  • Take a toothpick and run it several stripes from the center to the edge (see photo instructions below). Act quickly as the lacquer begins to harden very soon.
  • Immerse the bottom of the dish (limited by the ribbon) in the water pattern you have. Let it gather around from all sides of the object, then carefully pull it out and leave to dry.
  • Before painting the next item, remove the remaining varnish with water with a toothpick and repeat the previous steps.
  • When your new decor is completely dry, fix the marble pattern with a layer of clear varnish. When this layer dries out, remove the adhesive tape and clean the random varnish stains with a removal fluid.


Here are some more example photos  of creating a similar decor for the interior.

The following 3 examples in our article are handicrafts made of cloth for the house.

4. Woven crafts for the interior: DIY pillows

Bright cushions and ottomans – an easy way to change the mood in the interior and update the design of the living room. If you have a sewing machine, then you will not be difficult to make such an interesting decor for the house with your own hands. Here is an example in the photo:

If you do not want to buy a new fabric or do not have a sewing machine, you can still update the old pillows by painting them in a new color or creating patterns using a stencil (on the same principle as it is done with carpets – see the instructions above) .

Let us give you an example of one very interesting method of dyeing a fabric, when as a result it acquires a fashionable ombre effect.

In this case, the master used RIT dyes for fabric, but you can apply any others. To make the pillowcases easier and faster to absorb the paint, it is recommended to moisten them thoroughly with water. To achieve the effect of “Ombre” in a container with a diluted dye we dip a pillowcase about 2/3 of the length, after which we immediately pull it out of the liquid for another 5 cm. Leave in that position for about 5 minutes, then take out another 5 cm. until the end, until the pillowcase is completely removed from the dye. The result of the wizard – in the photo on the left.

In the photo on the right and below – more examples of stylish things for home with the effect of ombre.

5. The headboard of the bed, what you can do for yourself at home

Here we will give you a useful photo guide to create a chic headboard in a classic style. Perforated board, a piece of polyurethane foam, fabric, threads and buttons!

6. Useful ideas for the house: Roman curtains do-it-yourself

Beauty and functionality – 2 in one! If you have old blinds, then you can make them according to the example in the photo below.

7. Turn photos into wall decor.

This is much cooler than just hanging photos in frames! Your personal photos or any images you like from the Internet can turn into beautiful wall art for any room. To make such a decoration with your own hands, you can apply any of the following methods.

Method 1:

  • Find or buy a substrate. In the role of it can make a thick sheet of foam or polystyrene foam (as in this case), board and other improvised materials.
  • Print a photo, after editing its size so that they are about 5 cm larger than the size of the substrate. These “extra” centimeters will go to the bends.
  • Cut the photo and the substrate into parts if you want to get a modular set, but not the whole picture. Otherwise, skip this item.
  • Put a photo on the substrate and wrap the ends. The author of this product used double-sided adhesive tape to secure the photos. You can mount on ordinary glue or other available

Method 2:

Print the image and prepare the canvas to which it will be transferred.
To stretch the canvas on the frame and apply on it a thick layer of gel medium. These gels are widely distributed and today you can buy them at any store of finishing materials.
Put a photo on a greased canvas and pin down. Leave it for several hours, but periodically sprinkle with water from a spray bottle.
Carefully, one fingertips start to erase the back surface of the image from the canvas. Remove all paper this way.

As a result, you get a beautiful wall decor with scuffs that will only give it a touch of vintage style. It remains only to apply to it the last layer of gel medium as a protective coating.

For inspiration, here are a couple of ways to decorate your interior with a photo.

Apply the old window frame as a photo frame. How do you like the idea?

8. Creative homemade lampshades for lamps

Self-made lampshades made of fabric, paper, threads and other improvised means will not only decorate your house, but also bring an unusual atmosphere into it every night time.

Look for the best ideas for your taste in our article The most beautiful lampshades for lamps with your own hands. The following photo shows a popular creative lampshade made of threads.

9. Succulents – live home decor do-it-yourself

A living wall of succulents is perhaps the most amazing piece of home crafts that you can make yourself. Agree: having seen it with someone in the design of a living room or another room, you would not be able to remain indifferent!

Tellmetale will tell you how to get such an impressive and eco-friendly decor:

  • You will need a shallow wooden tank for planting and metal mesh.
  • To fix the grid on the container, use an improvised wooden frame, which can be made of small boards or chips. Mount on staples or nails.
  • Prepare any succulents for composition. They easily take root in the most difficult conditions and look most advantageous when you combine different shades and shapes of leaves. Common examples of succulents: aloe, various cacti, young or stone rose (Sempervivum), stonecrop (Sedum), mountain grate (Orostachys), etc.
  • Fill the container with soil and plant your chosen plants in it. As a drainage, use any mixture for cacti.

Here are examples of handicrafts for the house that you can do yourself using the above method.

10. Crafts for the house do it yourself from glass containers

Glass bottles and cans often accumulate on balconies and storerooms. What they aren’t turning into today: lamps, candlesticks, vases, table decorations … It’s amazing how easily they become part of a stylish interior, just use a little ingenuity, as well as paints, fabrics, threads, paper and other improvised tools. The last portion of the photo for today. Also read: DIY Bottle Decor – 50 Ideas


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