İnterior design of a country house 2019, 30 ideas

In the 21st century there is a lot of fuss and unnecessary haste, and sometimes we need to get away from this noise somewhere far away. Therefore, many choose for themselves a country house and live in it calmly and carefree. Previously, housing in the country was a place of rest rather than living space, but today such houses are equipped with modern innovations and are fully prepared for year-round living. The question is only what design of a country house to choose. Dekorin knows how to transform a room and make it stylish and comfortable!

Country house design inside: interior features
A country house is usually a huge space for the realization of your ideas. Land prices in the country are much lower, so the plot allows you to build rooms of exactly the size you need and design the interior design of a country house at your discretion.


İnterior design

However, the design of such a home requires even more attention than the small apartments in the city. Properly chosen interior is not only a set of various design elements, but also a general feeling of comfort, comfort and harmony. These little things make life in a country house pleasant and incomparable with living in a regular apartment.

When developing an interior design of a country house, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as: architectural nuances (for example, large windows, ceiling beams, bay windows), location, objects in the immediate environment (trees, pond, hills), etc. It would seem even minor things can affect the final interior design of a house in the country.

İnterior design  2019İnterior design  2019

In addition, on a large area it is very difficult to create a home comfort. This special atmosphere in the room can create memorable objects for you, so you should decorate the interior of the house with photographs, souvenirs, porcelain and ceramic figurines, knitted blankets or any other decor.

İnterior design  2020

Also in the design of a country house will play an important role fireplace, it is so nice in the winter to sit opposite him in a cup of tea and an interesting book.

İnterior design  2020

Country house living room design – popular photo ideas

When decorating the interior of a living room in a country house there is where to turn around and create the hall of your dreams. Of course, for this you need to try and work hard on the stylistic decision that you will like.

For people of mature age, elegant classical style or country country in any of its manifestations is perfect. For example, the French Provence style will add to the design of a country house tenderness and tranquility. Simple shapes and elegant lines will make the interior even more uncomplicated and relaxing. The main material is a warm wood, which will give the living room even more comfort.

 İnterior design  20201İnterior design  2020D

For a young couple, high-tech style can be the best choice, because it never stands still. This design is dominated by furniture in the space style, advanced technologies (solar panels, electric fireplace, “smart home”), smooth and shiny surfaces, bright colors.

Гостиная в стиле хай тек в интерьере загородного домаСовременный дизайн гостиной загородного дома в стиле хай текДизайн гостиной с камином в интерьере загородного дома

Modern kitchen design in a country house (5 photos)

In a country house there are no restrictions on the area, which means the kitchen can be made a real embodiment of a dream. In the spacious kitchen you can place a comfortable island or a bar in the center of the room, thereby delimiting the room. On this additional countertop is often located built-in sink, stove or other necessary equipment.

Шикарный дизайн кухни в загородном доме в стиле прованс


Well, if the interior of the kitchen of a country house will have a door to the terrace or garden, it’s so nice to admire nature during or after meals.

Современный дизайн кухни загородного дома - фото интерьера

For wall decor in a large kitchen, it is good to use tiles of unusual design or bright saturated colors.

Ультрасовременная кухня в дизайне загородного дома

And if you have a wooden kitchen in the country style, then you can use the decor in the form of carving or beautiful painting. Forged items and patterned textiles will also be a great addition.

Роскошная кухня в интерьере загородного дома

Ideas for bedroom interior design in a country house

Bedroom design in a country house should be given maximum attention, because in this room we spend most of our time. It is advisable to arrange it on the second floor, so that no one bothers you to rest and enjoy the silence, besides, in the winter on the upper floors it is warmer.

Смелый современный дизайн спальни в загородном доме

Designers do not advise to clutter up the interior of the bedroom with lots of furniture. It will seem much freer and easier if you leave the minimum of necessary items in it. For coziness and comfort, it will be enough to have a large bed (possibly with a canopy), two bedside tables with night lamps (wall sconces), a dressing table and a wardrobe can also easily cope with their role.

Белая спальня в интерьере загородного дома

If your bedroom is very large, then it makes sense to make it a dressing room instead of a regular closet. Thus you functionally use the free space and demarcate the bedroom into zones.

Современный дизайн спальни на мансарде в загородном доме

Cozy and warm design of a rustic wooden house

When designing the interior of a country house of wood (timber or logs), you first need to think about the interior decoration of the walls. Wooden houses are quite unusual, so it would not be superfluous to emphasize their uniqueness. For example, the classic version involves only sanding and varnishing walls, and some other design styles require special processing technology. So, if you want to design the design of one of the rooms in the high-tech style, you may need to align the walls, hiding the tree under a layer of plaster, drywall or panels.

Дизайн интерьера деревянного загородного дома из бруса - фото внутри

Many styles can be used during the design of a country wooden house. The most harmonious of these is the style of the chalet, in which skins and hunting accessories are used as decoration, as well as a stone fireplace in the living room.

For country style, you can put a rocking chair and wooden furniture, as well as hang fabric shades. The result is a warm and cozy interior of a wooden house.

Дизайн загородного деревянного дома с камином - фото интерьера

No matter what style you choose for your country wooden house, it will always remain unique and inimitable, and most importantly, the way you want it.

Interior design of a country house: options and 20 interior photos updated

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