How to make the interior of a private house: tips and 23 photos

Thinking through the interior of a private house is not an easy task. After all, the house should please the owners with its appearance for many years! Living in a private house has a lot of advantages, and therefore more and more people prefer it to an apartment. One of the main advantages of a private house is that it is possible to change both its external and internal design to your liking. Having worked a large amount of information on the Internet, Dekorin gathered the latest trends for its readers.
in the design of the rooms of a private house.

How to think about the interior of a small private house

For a small private house, where space is limited, it is important to carefully design the interior and interior design, as well as the location of furniture and decor items. In a relatively small space you need to place everything you need for life, so all the elements should not take up much space and be as practical as possible.

Как оформить интерьер частного дома - фото кухни

Интерьер небольшого частного дома - дизайн ванной комнаты

It should be noted that the interior design of a house depends largely on its purpose: will it be a country house for permanent residence or just a summer house? For a house where people are constantly, it is logical to have a light and free modern interior in the style of minimalism, while at the same time such “cozy” styles like country or provence are often used to give.

Красивый интерьер небольшого частного дома в современном стиле

Как продумать и создать интерьер частного дома своими руками

Интерьер небольшого частного дома - дизайн мансарды

What begins the interior – the design of the hallway in a private house

The hallway is the first room in the house where people enter. According to its design, there is a general impression about the house and its owners. Therefore, the interior design of the hallway in a private house should be made so that it reflects your taste and the overall style of your home.

First, it is important to properly consider the finish for the walls. It must be durable, but original, as in the hallway people dressing often touch the walls with clothes or hands. An ideal covering for the walls in the hallway will be vinyl washable wallpaper, wood paneling or tiles, as their care is very simple. As for the flooring, the recommendation here will be similar to that for walls – only wear-resistant materials, such as tiles or hard laminate. The owners can design the ceiling to their own taste – here their imagination is not limited to anything.

Уютный интерьер - дизайн прихожей в частном доме

Furniture for the interior of the hallway in a private house can be larger and larger in size than in the apartment, but here it is important to try not to clutter the space. Common items of furniture for the hallway are clothes hangers, as well as a stand for shoes. If you wish, you can install a sliding wardrobe with a large mirror that will visually expand the volume of the hallway, put a bench or a chair for a pereobuvaniya, a console table for accessories.

Шикарный дизайн прихожей в частном доме

Дизайн интерьера маленькой прихожей в частном доме

Современный интерьер и дизайн прихожей в частном доме

Regarding the hallway lighting, here you can dwell on the variant of spotlights that will light every corner and at the same time do not take up much space.

Уютный интерьер частного дома - фото дизайна прихожей

Design of the hall in a private house in different styles

Often, the living room is the largest room in a private house, where guests are received, as well as in cozy evenings, the owners of the dwelling rest by the fireplace. Since the hall is the main premise, it must be multifunctional, combining modern style and originality.

Интерьер деревянного частного дома из бревен

The design of the hall in a private house is influenced by many factors, the main of which are the architectural features of the building, the size of the room, as well as the taste preferences of the landlord. For help in the design of your home, you can contact a professional interior designer, or, having the desire, to develop the interior of a private house with your own hands.

Interior decoration of the living room can be made in any of a variety of styles. Consider some of the most popular today:

1. Classic interior style

In the design of the premises in the classical style using natural materials such as real stone and wood. All interior items have a refined, comfortable and elegant design. Also, the classic style provides for the possibility of a fireplace in the room, stucco and parquet made of expensive wood.

Классический дизайн кухни гостиной в частном доме

Классический дизайн зала с камином в частном доме

Дизайн интерьера гостиной в частном доме в классическом стиле

2. High-tech interior design living room in a private house

Hi-tech is one of the most popular styles in modern interior design. This style provides the minimum number of pieces of furniture. The design is carried out with the use of strict lines and involves the use of cold shades.

Хай-тек дизайн интерьера гостиной в частном доме


Интерьер кухни гостиной частного дома в стиле хай тек

3. Antique style – the perfect choice for the interior of a country house

Antique style provides for the design of the walls with natural stone, stone tiles or plaster. Mosaic tiles or parquet are used for the floor. The ceiling is decorated with a bas-relief around the edges. The main color scheme of the antique style is yellow, light brown and green, as well as their shades. To give the interior completeness, arches and columns are installed, as well as antiquities are placed, such as sculptures and flowerpots.

Интерьер частного дома в античном стиле


Интерьер частного дома классика антиквариат

4. Modern design of the hall in a private house in a mixed style

Mixed style or the so-called “eclecticism” combines different styles in all proportions. To create an eclectic interior of a private house hall, use things from different generations with your own hands, for example, a modern TV set on an antique pedestal, etc.

Интерьер частного дома в современном стиле эклектика

Интерьер частного дома в классическом стиле с кирпичной стенойПростой современный дизайн интерьера гостиной в частном доме

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