16 Amazing İdeas That Will Make Your House Awesome 2019 DİY

Nothing adorns our home like sweet heart-made things. Interesting details, pleasant little things always fill the home with warmth and illuminate with grace any family nest.

The portal dekorin.me will always have a lot of interesting things for you. Today we have prepared for you the best ideas of the decor with our own hands. Let’s be inspired together!

16 incredible ideas for your home 16 incredible ideas for your home 16 incredible ideas for your home

16 incredible ideas for your home

16 incredible ideas for your home

16 incredible ideas for your home

16 incredible ideas for your home  16 incredible ideas for your homeдекор спальни своими руками  16 incredible ideas for your home 16 incredible ideas for your home 16 incredible ideas for your home

Do it your self decor ideas: creative hallway

In search of successful solutions, we suggest you walk through the rooms together with the best designers of Dekorin and find the best ideas of the decor with your own hands, taking into account the specifics of each room. Let’s start with the hallway.

The hall is a business card at home. To ensure that home comfort envelops the incoming person directly from the door, we recommend that you arrange this room in the best traditions of the modern hand-made. Go!

16 incredible ideas for your home красивая ключница 16 incredible ideas for your home

  • Key keeper for the hallway

    A small, at first glance, insignificant detail is still able not only to decorate your hallway, but also to become an indispensable device for every day. Just see how beautiful and easy it is to decorate your house with the help of a homemade housekeeper!

ключница из вилок

At the same time to create it you do not need special skills. Only creative, only own skillful hands and a drop of fantasy!

ключница хендмейд ключница своими руками  ключница своими руками фото

  • Carpet in the hallway with their own hands

    Look, what a beauty!

коврик из гальки

A rug in the hallway can be made of waste material and not worry that it will deteriorate or get dirty.

коврик из старых полотенец

Plus, such a homemade creative will not cost you a penny. Great, right?

коврик своими руками

  • Hanger in the hallway with their own hands

    And this is absolutely a wonderful option! See how easy it is to create beauty and convenience with your own hands, while not spending a penny!

вешалка хенд мейд

All you need is a wooden frame, small logs or branches and wood stain or wood varnish. Use advice on health!

красивая вешалка в прихожей вешалка с ветками ветка вместо вешалки

Bedroom: do-it-yourself decor elements

The bedroom is the main room in the apartment, because it is here that we rest and gain strength before the coming day. The elements of decor with their own hands in the bedroom should be very comfortable, appropriate and as much as possible exclude fussiness.

DIY headboard
Here you can show all your creativity and resourcefulness. The head of the bed can be decorated in a trendy loft, eco and country style.

Look closely, what if it is your option?

декор своими руками в спальню интерьер спальни своими руками изголовье кровати своими руками  кровать своими руками декор спальня своими руками

уникальный декор на стену

Lamp or night light in the bedroom
Lamp for the bedroom with his own hands looks very nice, is not it?

ночники хенд мейд

Его можно изваять из пустых банок, бутылок, и даже из обычной коряги покрытой лаком. Ничего сложного!

интерьер спальни со светильниками  светильники из банок

  • Mirror in the bedroom
    A sacred place for any lady is a mirror in the bedroom. Here you can preen and spend the time allotted for yourself beloved. Let’s make it cozy! Here are some ideas for this:

декор зеркала хенд мейд декор зеркала в спальне

Children’s room: do it yourself decor ideas

Creative and decorative elements for the children’s room with their own hands – a great solution. These cute, pleasant little things not only decorate the room of the child, their creation is a wonderful entertainment for spending time together adults and children. Catch ideas!

дизайн детской хенд мейд хенд мейд для детской  коврик в детскую комнату красивые детали в детской

Panel on the wall of the nursery
Trees, butterflies and other various installations will enliven the room and make it truly unique. Selecting elements and style, be guided by the personality and preferences of your child, consult with him. Then everyone will be satisfied with the result.

декор детской комнаты декор стен в детской  детская комната хенд мейд дизайн детской своими руками  рисунки для детской

Mobile for baby cot
In order for your baby’s dreams to be colorful and interesting days, it’s not necessary to buy expensive store mobies. Just take the foundation of the old and create beauty above the baby’s crib with your own hand!

декор детской ссвоими руками  мобили в детскую

DIY living room decor

The ideas of the living room decor do their own thing, one way or another, revolve around the main thing – family values. Let’s figure out how to create such beauty.

красивое оформление гостиной красивые зеркала

Photo frame on the wall

An interesting solution, especially since it is not at all expensive. Just hang frames with photos in random order, and then just draw a tree.

дерево фоторамка

Such an exposition will protect your home, fill it with light, comfort and warmth.

дерево фоторамка

  • Panel over the sofa

    Here, be creative as your heart desires. Best of all, this design will look at the head of the sofa in the living room. This technique perfectly focuses attention on the desired areas, and complements the interior of your living room.

декор комнаты своими руками

панно в гостиной  панно своими руками  самодельные часы декор комнаты своими руками  оригинальный декор комнаты для девочки

Another plus: the panel can be made of anything and tailored to your chosen style.

DIY bathroom decor
What can you do for the bathroom with your own hands? Decorating this room, shells and souvenirs brought from the seas will come to your aid. Let’s get a look!

Mirror frame
The emphasis in the bathroom can be done on the mirror. Decide on the style and concept and decorate, decorate, decorate!

состаривание зеркала

Idea: To give an interesting effect (suitable for loft style) you can artificially age the mirror. To do this, you need a medium hard sandpaper. Just rub the mirror from the back. Look, what a beauty turned out!

декор из ракушек для ванной  декор зеркала своими руками зеркало для ванной зеркало своими руками фото  зеркало украшенное своими руками

  • DIY rug in the bathroom
    Bath mat can be made of various materials. Harness, old towels, yarn and even old socks!

коврик из жгута в ванную коврик в ванную своими руками  красивый коврик в ванную

Well as you little idea inspires?

Ergonomic decor
This life hacking will help to make your bathroom not only beautiful, but also comfortable!

полки для ванной своими руками

See how easy and beautifully you can arrange cells for towels, while not spending a lot of money and effort.

лайфхаки для ванной  полки для ванной

Proceed from the style of the bathroom, think creatively, and sculpt the beauty of his own!

DIY home decor ideas for the kitchen

The kitchen in the apartment is, above all, convenience. Each of us needs comfort, especially in the kitchen. Is it possible to combine beauty and convenience? Sure you may! Let’s watch!

Clock in the kitchen
See what a beautiful, stylized watch can be made from scrap materials. It turns out that the remains of cereals and pasta can serve not only as intended.

часы хенд мейд на кухне

панно на стену в кухню

  • Shelves for devices

    Comfortable, beautiful and functional shelves you can create with your own hands very easily. See how beautiful they look. And if you put all the bulk products in beautiful jars and dekupazhnye bottles will be at all great!

полка на кухню хенд мейд полки на кухне полки на кухню самодельные полки на кухню красивые мелочи на кухне

  • Cute vases

    Do you see how easy it is to create beautiful hanging vases from waste material? All you need is old bottles, a harness and a wooden structure.

трава на кухне вазочки на кухне вазочки на стены кухни вазы на стене кухни вазы на стены кухни

Beauty, is not it?

Whew! Here are all the cards and revealed. We hope that the advice of tellmetale.com will come to you to help more than once. Do it yourself decor ideas are a bottomless storehouse of life hacks from which you can draw inspiration every day!

Remember that things created by hand, have a special energy. Surround yourself with beauty, be creative and creative! Only in this case, your house will be filled with warmth, love and unique comfort!

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